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10 Meter Air Pistol

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The American Legion Post 833 - James Ely Miller- 51 Juniper Ave -Smithtown, NY 11787


Cost 18.00 per shooter ESCAA Member 18.00 for Non-ESCAA Member 


· may use any .177 caliber air pistol. Only open sights are allowed. No part of the pistol grip or accessories may encircle the hand. The heel rest may extend at a right angle to the grip only.

· Targets will be NRA B-40; Ammunition shall be a lead wadcutter pellet.

· Course of fire will be the current NRA 10-meter International Pistol course of fire consisting of 60 rounds fired from the standing position and at a distance of 10 meters or 33 feet. Total of possible points for the match is 600 points. The match is shot in series of 10 targets 10 minutes each, total time for the match is 75 minutes. Competitors will shoot 5 record shots per target on a fixed target stands. Targets will be numbered 1 thru 12 and must be used in that order. The first phase, an unlimited number of sighting shots may be fired. The sighting target's) must be clearly marked by a broad stripe diagonally across the upper right corner. Once record fire has begun, you may not return to sighting shots. The time for unlimited sighting shots is included in the 75 minutes.

· Ties will be broken in the following order:

· by the highest score of the last 10 shots fired, working back by 10 shot strings until the ties are broken.

· by the highest number of 10's, 9's, 8's, etc.

There are only 5 shooting positions so you must register what relay you would like to shot on

EYE Protection is required

Relay #1 8:45AM to 10:15AM

Relay #2 10:30AM to 11:45AM


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